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Electronic Waste Recyclers

About Qobo Computer Recycling

Qobo Recycling CC (T/A Qobo Computer Recycling) is a Pretoria based ewaste recycler we have been operational in the recycling industry for 6 years, over the past 3 years the business has excelled in assisting a number of organisations with the disposal of their electronic waste.  We are a verified 100% black owned enterprise based in the capital city of South Africa and in 2012 we became a signatory of eWASA.

Our Values


We take full responsibility for the actions that we take in the conducting of our business. We commit to ensuring that we act in a manner that will not be detrimental to our shareholders, employees and other stakeholders.


To deliver our services in an efficient manner, by fully assessing the needs of the client and ensuring we fully understand the capacity required to accomplish the tasks involved.


To consistently deliver on the promises we make to our clients, employees and other stakeholders.


Through the development of a culture of teamwork we aim to get the best out of our employees.  When required will work with external organisations that enhance our service offering to ensure that our clients get the best service possible


Instilling the importance of being respectful to the communities in which we operate and also realising the importance of giving back to these communities through social and economic interventions.

Electric & Electronic Waste Recycling Process

  1. Each truckload delivered to the dismantling facility will be weighed, so that we can get the mass of the equipment collected.
  2. All items will be sorted as per their varying categories: e.g. monitors; pc’s, keyboards, mice, heaters etc.
  3. All barcodes will be removed at the facility, if we have not done so at the client premises. Barcodes will be destroyed by way of shredding.
  4. All hard drives will be removed from the clients computer boxes, hard drives will be sanitised using data security software, before being taken to metal processing partners, who  would further shred the hard drives
  5. All defective equipment will be stripped and dismantled as per the categories of materials and components to be delivered to accredited downstream vendors e.g. printed circuit boards, power supply units, monitors, scrap ferrous and non-ferrous metals, abs plastic etc.
  6. Downstream vendors further process items through granulation, crushing, shredding, melting etc. dependent on the type of materials and components being processed.
  7. None of the equipment recovered will be illegally dumped or incinerated.
  8. Once we have completed the processing of the equipment the client will be provided with a recycling certificate for the WEEE processed.

Electric & Electronic Waste Recycling Policy

Qobo Computer Recycling  plays an important role in the proper disposal of Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

WEEE can be categorised into three groups: IT Equipment- Computers, monitors, printers, pc peripherals, phones etc. White Goods-Fridges, heaters, microwaves, washing machines etc. Consumer Electronics: TV’s, dvd machines, decoders etc.

We recognise our responsibility to our stakeholders and the environment in ensuring that our business practices are aligned to the legislation set out in the Waste Management Act 59 of 2008, in the handling of WEEE and other waste by-products that are produced in the recycling processes undertaken by our business.

We are committed to ensuring that we maintain the integrity of our clients’ data by sanitising and destroying all information contained on any components recovered from clients.

We are dedicated to working with accredited downstream partners in the WEEE beneficiation value chain, using only partners that are in compliance with local, regional and national waste management legislation. 

We recognise that WEEE is a resource that is valuable as a secondary raw material and that once beneficiated can be harnessed to stimulate economic activity and lead to the creation of jobs.

We also recognise that WEEE can be toxic if handled and discarded improperly and therefore we take our role within this stream of waste management seriously.  We are committed to educating all our stakeholders on the proper handling and disposal of this waste.

Our businesses practices are especially aligned to achieving good environmental practices and operating in a sustainable manner. We have a clear commitment to the constant improvement of methods utilised in the execution of our business activities.  We are committed to providing our clients with solutions and services that lead to the effective, efficient and compliant management of their excess and redundant WEEE assets.